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                   are recognised internationally for their market-leading equine stalls and livestock pens and we have un-paralleled access to their equipment and manufacturing capabilities.

Through Instone Air we are able to supply for rent or sale, many leading pens or crates for any aircraft type from full livestock systems to bespoke exotic animal containers.

If you are looking for equine stalls, please click here to go to 




A unique advantage of Live Logistix is our direct access to the production chain of Instone Air who can manufacture and design exotic, zoo crates and other livestock systems to order.

Whether you are looking to purchase a full charter system for use on a large Boeing - 747 or rent a smaller, more bespoke system for use on Antonov - 12 or Ilyushin Il-76, we are able to plan from procurement through to implementation.

We also house a large amount of stock available to rent for individual shipments. After speaking with one of our team we can advise on which option is most suitable to meet you needs and offer a tailored quote.



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Miniature Horse Crates

Two Deck Swine Crates

Traditional livestock systems can be constructed in either wooden or metal crates depending on usage. Wooden crates are preferable when a one-off shipment is required as they can be deconstructed and recycled after use. Metal construction provides a sturdier long term option which over its lifecycle will pay back the initial outlay, or can be rented for a one off use if required.

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Exotics / Zoo

There is no traditional system for transportation of zoo and exotics as each animal requires a unique design, which can also vary depending on the age and size of the individual. Using the guidelines set out by the IATA, we can either manufacture or arrange for a bespoke design to ensure requirements are met to the highest standard.


When constructing crates for exotics many factors must be considered, such as how they will be loaded onto the pallets and aircrafts. With large, heavy species such as elephant, this is particularly important and the design must be changed to cater for this. Similarly, certain airports may have limited loading / unloading capabilities and the designs must be configured in line with this to ensure safe handling at all times.


Lion Crates

Elephant Crates

Every client has individual needs and requirements and we would be delighted to discuss these directly with you. Please contact us now for a full quotation or initial enquiry.

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