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Drawing on our extensive experience in animal air transportation, we are able to advise and assist on all aspects of exotic animal shipment.

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In order to facilitate the important re-location, conservation and breeding projects undertaken by charities, zoos and wildlife parks worldwide, it is often necessary to transport exotic animals by air. Moving exotics can be a difficult process and ensuring the safety and well-being of the animals during these journeys is of paramount importance to us, therefore meticulous planning and contingencies are put in place to allow for every eventuality.

IATA - Live Animal Regulation

Animals deserve to travel in the best and most humane way possible which is why we strictly adhere to the global standard of animal transportation - the IATA's Live Animal Regulations (LAR).

The IATA provide specifications for the shipping containers which we can then tailor to suit the individual. They also provide the latest information on government and airline regulations and all handling and labelling requirements throughout the journey to avoid unnecessary delays.

Our trusted team of professionals travel with the animals from start to finish, continually monitoring their well-being and environment.

By adhering to and exceeding these regulations we can ensure the animals arrive in the best possible condition ready to adapt to their new surroundings.

Elephant in Wild

Individualised Shipments

Each shipment we do is very different and therefore requires a tailored approach. Working with both well known and smaller operators we can source an appropriate aircraft for each route that will minimise time on the ground and in the air, ultimately improving the animals journey. Whether this is on a diversion of a scheduled service, a charter or part charter, or flying on an established route we can offer multiple options.

We have excellent working relationships with airport operators around the world to ensure that the on/off loading procedures are completed as quickly and smoothly as possible, with any specialist equipment on hand. 

Whether it be elephants or tigers, working in conjunction with IATA specifications, Instone Air's design and manufacturing teams can tailor-make the most suitable shipping container for each individual.


Zebra Couple



Typical services we offer over the course of a shipment, but not limited to:

  • Design and provision of crate

  • Sourcing appropriate aircraft

  • Route planning keeping stops to a minimum

  • Arranging suitable loading/unloading method

  • Monitoring temperature and humidity in flight

  • Provision of qualified attendants and handlers

  • Checking of CITES transit, and veterinary permits



Having worked with a host of institutions over the years we would be happy to provide references on request.

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Licensed,  Approved or Members of :

We understand that every client has individual needs and requirements and we would be delighted to discuss these directly with you. Please contact us now for an initial query or a full quotation.

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