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Working in conjuction with Instone Air, we can provide transport solutions for just about any animal, from large shipments of pigs to champion racehorses and prize sheep. Our expert knowledge of all aircraft types and availability as well as being able to manufacture shipping containers to suit every type of animal makes us a one-stop-shop for worldwide livestock transport.


For more information on all other animal air transport queries, such as for equines and other livestock please visit



Livestock shipments are big business and finding cost effective, yet high welfare transport solutions is becoming more difficult.

Our exclusive relationships with operators worldwide mean that we can find the best solutions for any shipment and provide a comprehensive service, from sourcing the aircraft, undertaking the complex paperwork and even construction of the pens or crates.

As with all of our shipments, animal welfare is at the forefront and our team of professionals ensure that optimum conditions are maintained for each animal throughout the journey.

Image by Sean McGee


Bovine can be shipped on freight planes on a double deck configuration, depending on the gross weight of the animals.


Using widebody aircrafts (such as Boeing 747/77)  you can maximise the total number of animals per shipment and bring down the transport costs per animal.

Alternatively, in a single deck configuration they can be shipped in the lower deck (belly) of an aircraft including on passenger services, allowing a wider range of routes to become available which may be more suitable and cost effective for smaller shipments.


Image by Guillermo Latorre

Swine can be transported on either single, double or triple deck crates depending on the gross weight.

Using double or triple deck crates will require large widebody aircrafts (Boeing 777, 747 or Airbus A330 /40) which can either be chartered for a specific job or individual pallet space on a scheduled service or diversion can be sourced if applicable.

In a single deck configuration it is possible to place them in the lower deck (belly) of the plane, allowing them to be shipped on passenger flights, opening up more route options.


We have expertise transporting a wide range of livestock  from goats and donkeys, to parrots and partridge. With the help of the IATA  Live Animal Regulation guidelines (LAR) we can plan and implement any shipment you bring to us, no matter how large or small.


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Every client has individual needs and requirements and we would be delighted to discuss these directly with you. Please contact us now for a full quotation or initial enquiry.

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